Tracker 7, our time-tested tool, equipment and supply management software, runs on your computer or network. It was designed for mid-sized to large organizations that want to assign tools and equipment to jobs, employees, trucks and storage sites.

  • The Construction Tracker is a complete tool tracking package and the foundation for Tracker 7's optional, extra-cost modules. Integration with ComputerEase and Sage Timberline accounting are included at no extra charge.
  • The Tool Crib Tracker, which combines the Construction Tracker and Employees module, is for organizations that assign tools and equipment to employees in the morning and expect their return to a tool crib in the afternoon.
  • The Maintenance Tracker, which consists of the Construction Tracker and Repair and Maintenance module, is for heavy equipment operators and vehicle-management groups that want to schedule equipment and vehicle maintenance and track repair costs.

Optional, extra-cost modules can be added to Tracker 7 at any time, over the phone, without re-entering data.

Employees. Automatically included with the Tool Crib Tracker. Track tools checked out to, from and by employees. Customization and security features, including no-extra-fee view-only users.

Custom reports. Modify Tracker 7's standard reports and add completely new reports to fit your needs.

Supplies and small tools. Track less-expensive items like hand tools and supplies. Kits, containers, and order points.

Barcoding eliminates typing, speeds up data collection and reduces errors. Tracker 7's barcode system can be tailored to your company using off-the-shelf components.

  • Stationary barcode readers, which are attached to a computer by a cable or a radio connection, are less expensive than portable readers. They work well if everything in your warehouse passes through a single door or across a single counter. We recommend the stationary reader pictured below, but many different stationary readers can be used with Tracker 7.

  • If you need to collect data away from your computer, you need a battery-powered, portable barcode reader that can scan items as they’re loaded or unloaded from a truck or delivered to a job site. The portable reader pictured below has been programmed to work with Tracker 7. Others could be used, but custom programming would be required.

  • Barcode label software is integrated with Tracker 7. You can print your labels in-house or use pre-printed labels.

Billing. Tool management software that turns your tool room into a profit center. Automatically processes tool and equipment sale and rental rates as items are checked out, including job discounts and rental caps. Export billing data to your job cost system with Tracker 7's American Contractor, ComputerEase or Timberline link.

Repair and maintenance. Automatically included with the Maintenance Tracker. Track repair histories and costs, set up preventive maintenance schedules that pop up reminders when maintenance is due.

Multi-user. Allows more than one person to add and edit Tracker 7 data at the same time over a network. The single-user Tracker can be installed on a network and accessed by more than one person, but only one at a time.

  • The fastest, easiest introduction to Tracker 7 is a live, over-the-internet demonstration. Contact us to set up a time.
  • Our video tutorials are the next-best thing to a live demo.
  • If you'd like to try our software, download a demo that contains all our software and is fully functional (though limited to 25 items). Work with the demo as long as you like. Technical support is free while you're evaluating Tracker 7.

Tracker 7 is very flexible. We offer 3 versions (Construction, Tool Crib and Maintenance Trackers), many options, and often give you more than one way to do the same thing. If you're unsure which approach to use, contact us.

Tracker 7 can run on a stand-alone computer or over a network. Over a network, Tracker 7 can accessed by more than one user (one at a time, if you've licensed the single-user version; by two or more at the same time, if you've licensed the multi-user version).

Please contact us before upgrading an existing copy of Tracker 7. If you've paid Waterwheel's annual support and maintenance fee within the last year, you need a renewal code to upgrade. If you haven't paid that fee, upgrading will erase your system password and put you in demo mode.

  • Click t7_setup.
  • In the window that appears, click OPEN or RUN or, if you want to save a copy of the setup file, SAVE. If you click SAVE and have previously installed Tracker 7, we recommend saving the setup file to your Tracker 7 folder. The default is c:\t7, but yours can be named anything and can be anywhere on your network.
  • Click START, RUN, BROWSE and navigate to t7_setup.
  • Click t7_setup, OPEN, OK.
  • A series of windows will appear. We generally recommend accepting the default values. A common exception involves the window that begins, "Setup will install Waterwheel Tracker in the following destination folder." The default is c:\t7. If you're upgrading an existing copy of Tracker 7 and you're not running Tracker 7 from c:\t7, click CHANGE FOLDER and navigate to your Tracker 7 folder (you want to over-write your existing copy).

System requirements and capacity

  • A Pentium-class processor with Windows 95 or later.
  • Initially, 12 mb of disk space. As you add data, additional space will be required. After a few years, Tracker 7 typically requires 25 mb of disk space, but that number can vary dramatically in either direction.
  • We recommend doubling Microsoft's minimum RAM recommendation for your version of Windows, e.g., for Windows 95, we recommend 16 mb of RAM.

  • The Construction, Tool Crib and Maintenance Trackers do not limit the number of tools you can enter.
  • Tracker 7 is built in Visual FoxPro, a Microsoft product, and adheres to all Microsoft standards. FoxPro's maximum table size (1 billion records) is significantly larger than the largest Tracker table (a very large inventory table might contain 100,000 records).

Network and multi-user installation

On a network, Tracker 7 can be run entirely on a server, client-server, or both. It's easier to install updates if you're running entirely on the server, so we usually recommend that approach.

All users must be given 'full control' (in Windows security) over the Tracker directory on the server.


  • Install Tracker 7 on a computer.
  • Call 800 962 3329 and license that copy.
  • Copy your Tracker 7 data and (optionally) reports directories onto your server. If you used the defaults, those directories will be c:\t7\dbs and c:\t7\reports. Most users copy the entire Tracker directoy (c:\t7) which by default contains the data and reports directories.
  • The server containing your Tracker data and reports must be mapped to a drive letter on the client machine.
  • Start Tracker 7 on the client machine and select OPTIONS, PATHS TO DATA & REPORTS from the UTILITIES menu. Enter the path to your server data and (optionally) reports directories.
  • Install on your other clients. Start each client copy. Click LICENSE, YES, and enter the path to your server data and (optionally) reports directories.

Entirely on the server

  • Install Tracker 7 on the server. You can do this when seated at a client machine. Just specify the server when prompted for the destination folder.
  • Call 800 962 3329 and license that copy.
  • Install Tracker 7 on every client machine you plan to run it from (this installs several required system files in each client computer's \Windows\system directory).
  • We recommend deleting Tracker 7's application directory from each client machine (the default is c:\t7).
  • Create, on each client machine, a short cut that points to the Tracker 7 program (Tr.exe) on the server.

The download file

  • 9.5 megabytes
  • Version 7.625
  • Last updated July 10, 2023
  • Contains the Construction, Tool Room and Maintenance Trackers and all our optional modules.

If you're evaluating Tracker 7, our video tutorials are the next-best thing to a live demo.

If you're looking for training, the best way to learn Tracker 7 is to watch part of a tutorial, pause it then immediately repeat, in the software, the actions you've just seen in the video.

You need speakers to hear the voice-over narration.

To watch Tracker 7 videos, download and install the player.

  • Click here. If prompted, save the download file.
  • Run atrecply.msi and follow the steps in the installation wizard.

Click the video you want to download it. Double-click the video file on your computer (after it's downloaded) to run it.

Updated October 1, 2022
In US dollars
Subject to change without notice

Tracker 7 pricing combines one-time software licenses with annual maintenance and support fees.

Tracker 7 single user licenses

construction tracker


tool crib tracker

includes the employees module


maintenance tracker

includes the repair and maintenance module


optional modules (note 1)




custom reports









basic billing





portable barcode reader upload and data management software

(note 2)


Tracker 7 concurrent user licenses

% of single-user license

2d editing user


3d and 4th (each)


5th, 6th, and 7th (each)


8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th (each)


Tracker 7 quantity discounts

licensed at the same time

not licensed at the same time

copies 2 & 3



copies 4 +



  • Note 1. All concurrent users must license the same optional modules.
  • Note 2. Concurrent user prices aren't applied to portable barcode reader upload and data management software.

Software maintenance, technical support, training, user customization and custom code

Waterwheel plans to support and maintain Tracker 7 thru at least December 31, 2021 but cannot guarantee that new versions of Windows will support Visual Foxpro 6, in which Tracker 7 is built.

We charge 18% of the current software license price annually beginning year 1 for Tracker 7 software maintenance and technical support. This fee gives you:

  • Access to the most current Tracker 7 release
  • Technical support by email or, when we're available, phone (we're normally available during California business hours)
  • Live over-the-web and pre-recorded video training

Tracker 7 software maintenance and technical support fees do not include:

  • On-site training (for which we charge $150 per hour plus travel expenses)
  • Custom code

If you don't pay our annual software maintenance and technical support fee, we'll provide a modest amount of no-charge tech support but reserve the right to charge $40 per quarter hour.

You can customize Tracker 7 screens, searches and (if you have the custom reports module) reports yourself using the customization utilities built into Tracker 7.

If a feature you want isn't available in Tracker 7, we can add it for you by writing custom code. Before proceeding with a project, we will discuss its scope and our fees with you. At your request, we'll document that scope and those fees in a letter or contract. In all cases, Waterwheel will retain ownership of and Intellectual Property Rights to any code written on your behalf. You agree that Waterwheel may incorporate all such code in Tracker 7 as it sees fit.

Barcode hardware

portable Worth Data LT5001H TriCoder with integrated laser scanner, usb cable and handle


portable Worth Data LT5001 TriCoder with integrated laser scanner and usb cable but without handle


portable reader standard programming, each (custom programming at standard custom code rates)


portable reader shipping




stationary LZ360-USB laser scanner with usb cable


stationary LZ400RF 2-way radio laser scanner including 1 base station and usb cable